Xen Template Manager


   Xen Template Manager it's intended to be of corse, a template manager that takes
care of the entire process of duplicating the virtual machine template into a new virtual
The template can be any O.S. that Xen can run, paravirtualized and hardware
virtual machine. Runs on console and X11.

  It's very simple to use and does not require nothing fancy, you just need a shell
interpreter and dialog, Xdialog or Gdialog.

  Right now I'm studing Python to rewrite XTM, this will allow me to integrate XTM more
easly with Xen since most part of Xen it's written in Python.


   The almost inexistent documentation can be read here.


  The creation of the VM is with a kind of "wizard", see the screenshots of the X11
version to get an idea of how it works.


  To get a copy of Xen Template manager click this link.


  For questions and comments you can contact me at luisvinay@users.sourceforge.net

Yes I know, as my english this page sucks, but is just temporary.